The bells ‘monk’ is an outdoor instrument, which reflects the architecture of the Far East. The instrument consists of vertically arranged bells, whose rich tones sound ideally in open space.

The playing technique is very simple and intuitive. You can strike each bell separately to produce exceptional and long-lasting sounds. When striking all bells from the top to the bottom, you will obtain a mesmerising glissando effect of combined tones. Bells ‘monk’ fit easily in various open spaces. They do not occupy a lot of space and make sets with other instruments.

The instrument can be fixed to the ground with two anchoring systems:

Concrete anchor – ensures a professional and stable installation of the instruments on soft surfaces (e.g. lawn, sand)

Flat anchor – the best solution to install instruments on hard surfaces (e.g. concrete)

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How to play

The packaging consists of:

  • 1x instrument
  • 1x mallet
  • 1x anchor set

Technical specification:

LENGHT (cm) WIDTH (cm) HEIGHT (cm) WEIGHT (kg)
Product 33 33 150 19

The instrument is part of a set:

Set 'tones of harmony'

Set 'tones of harmony'

xylophone 'wind piano' / bells 'monk' / tubular bells 'forest'


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