The marimba ‘stream’ is a musical instrument in the idiophone family.

It consists of a set of metal tubes, which resonate with a soft sound, rich in harmonic tones. Only one person at a time can play the marimba ‘stream’. The instrument makes a set with other instruments such as a xylophone ‘echo piano’ or handpan ‘duet’. The playing technique is very simple and intuitive. Just strike the middle parts of the tubes in any rhythm with the mallets.

The instrument can be fixed to the ground with two anchoring systems:

Concrete anchor – ensures a professional and stable installation of the instruments on soft surfaces (e.g. lawn, sand).

Flat anchor – the best solution to install instruments on hard surfaces (e.g. concrete).

Check the sound

How to play

The packaging consists of:

  • 1x instrument
  • 1x mallet
  • 1x anchor set

Technical specification:

LENGHT (cm) WIDTH (cm) HEIGHT (cm) WEIGHT (kg)
Product 90 63 114,5 22

The instrument is part of a set:

Set 'Unique Melody'

Set 'Unique Melody'

drums ‘thunder’ / marimba ‘stream’ / tubular bells ‘sonnie’ / tubes ‘clappo’ / xylophone ‘echo piano’


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