KBT music


KBT Music mobile application


Key information about the application

The application is a handy knowledge base about instruments. Due to the tutorials you will learn how to play each of them, virtually or in the open air, and you will learn how to play many interesting tunes. You can use it on your own or invite your friends and family to play with you.


Learn and play with the application

Advantages of the application:

KBT music APlikacja

play virtually or live

KBT music APlikacja

find out more about our instruments

KBT music APlikacja

learn to play different tunes

KBT music APlikacja

play on your own or with friends and family


How to use the application

  1. Go to KBT Music Application
  2. Select one of the instruments manually or scan the instrument code
  3. On the instrument page you can read the tips how to play the instrument and basic information about it
  4. If you want to play, click: “I select the instrument”
  5. From the list of tunes, select the one you want to play
  6. When the countdown is over, you can play!
KBT music mobile application
Play in the open air

Play the instrument in the open air


Scan the instrument code, select the tune and play the instrument outdoors as shown in the application instructions.

Play in the application

Play in the application


Select an instrument from the application and play the tune by tapping on the highlighted keys.

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